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Clover Capital Partners LLC - Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Our passion for small business and our long-term orientation to creating value inspire a level of flexibility in our investing strategy that is atypical in the investing community. We target situations that are commonly overlooked by private equity funds and corporate acquirers. Where we see a vehicle for significant growth and value-creation, they often see a business that is too small. We see a chance to add value through operational involvement; they see a drain on their resources. We welcome opportunities that involve a retiring owner; they are wary of management change.

We provide the resources of larger institutions but, compared to private equity funds and strategic buyers, are better suited to building small businesses for the long-term and achieving the varied objectives of business owners.

Clover Capital Partners
Private Equity Fund

Strategic Buyer
Company Size As little as $1 million of EBITDA Rarely below $20 million of   revenues for platform investments Rarely below $50 million of revenues
Investment Horizon Long-term. No pre-determined timeline Average 5 years. Restricted by preset life of fund Long-term
Value Creation Strategic leadership; long-term investments in physical assets, technology, human capital, etc; operational involvement to help
drive growth when appropriate
Strategic oversight, topical involvement, financial engineering Varies, including cutting labor costs, accessing new markets
Commitment Few investments at a time One of many portfolio companies One of many divisions
Management Change Flexible. We welcome situations involving a retiring owner with no successor as equally as those involving a full management team already in place Averse to management change, including a retiring or transitioning owner Varies. Parent may install new management or rely on existing team
Involvement Flexible, depending on needs of business. Able to assume operating roles or refrain from active operating involvement if team is in tact

Board level leadership

Typically board level involvement only (quarterly or monthly meetings and phone calls)

Averse to becoming involved with operations
Varies. Dependent on corporate hierarchy and culture